SHE in Politics

MentorSHE in Politics Program- Phase II

MentorSHE project is a mentorship program aiming to encourage and promote the role of Lebanese women in politics.

The program consists of 2 phases: training and virtual one-on-one mentorship with politicians.

The training part comprises 4 workshops; the first two will be held on November 19 (on negotiations) in Byblos & November 26 (on the electoral laws) in Beirut. The other two workshops will be held in January- February 2017.


MentorSHE in Politics Program- Phase I

Embassy of The United States of America, Cultural Attaché Lisa Petzold:

“MentorSHE is an innovative project designed to empower women and encourage their participation in the political process. I am inspired by the work of the MentorSHE team. I believe that projects designed to allow for equal participation of women in all aspects of political and public life benefit everyone within society. Good luck MentorSHE!”

MentorSHE project is a mentorship program that aims at encouraging and promoting the role of Lebanese women in politics, funded by the Embassy of the United States of America in Beirut.

The project was launched on November 15, 2014.

The project has won the US State Department- Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund Competition 2013, & was shortlisted for the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum Label.

Program Phases:

The program consists of matching 15 women with 15 existing Lebanese politicians, and is divided into 3 phases:

  • First Phase: Started on November 15, 2014.

The mentees attended the following 6 seminars:

Seminar 1 on November 15, 2014: Communication- Advocacy & Lobbying

Seminar 2 on November 29, 2014:: The Art of Debate

Seminar 3 on January 17, 2015: Media Training

Seminar 4 on January 31, 2015: News Forensics- Politics & Economy

Seminar 5 on February 21, 2015: Public Policy

Seminar 6 on June 6, 2015: Advanced Public Policy

  • Second Phase: Started in March 2015.

The mentees formed 3 groups and each group is currently drafting a public policy and will later on advocate for it.

  • Third Phase: 

Each mentee was assigned a mentor -current politician-.

The mentorship meetings schedule are agreed upon by the mentor and mentee.


  • Promoting women in politics.
  • Capacity building for women in political participation.
  • Drafting public policies.
  • Engaging women with different political views in working for the greatest cause; the country’s benefits.
  • Introducing new female leaders to the public.

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